A Daycare unlike any other. Owned & operated by a board-certified Pediatrician.

More than a Daycare

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LIcensed in: Florida, Missouri, & Georgia

More than a Pediatric Clinic

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Peace of Mind

A New Approach to Daycare

No more 90 minutes in the waiting room for a 15-minute clinic visit. Insurance companies and administrators are no longer barriers between me and my patients. Join me in making a difference. 

Health & Safety Combined

Our smaller-sized mobile practice allows us to see patients on time and where they're most comfortable--their homes. Dr. Marie is driven by the patient's needs, not an appointment book.

Expert Care

Exemplary service and support

Because we make housecalls, this limits the number of families we see. As a result, Dr. Jean-Baptiste is able to give you and your family all the time and attention you need. 


Dr. Marie has an approachable style

By limiting the number of patients she sees per day means more time for her to focus on overall family wellness, disease prevention, and child development. 


Exceptional medical care, and a superior level of service. 

We offer concierge medicine directly to your home. It's a practice based on a membership model, with families paying an annual membership fee to join our practice. We limit the number of families we visit to ensure that we can provide each of you with unlimited access to Dr. Marie.

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